Bronwen Jones

Campaign Manager

I am a helper. There are so many talented, brilliant and passionate people in this world working so hard, in the face of so much resistance, to help create a better world. These people need our help. My role is to help the helpers.

Howard Johnson, CPA,CA


Howard is an accountant and this is his 50th year as a member of the accounting institute. He was awarded a lifetime membership for dedicated service to the profession.

Howard, after obtaining his designation, worked in industry for some 25 years at which point he went back to his accounting roots and started his own accounting firm. When the firm was sold, there was a client base sufficient to support 3 persons full time with some seasonal assistance.

His work with the Green Party started in foot canvas in 2015 in the city of Guelph and since then he has been involved with Wellington County / Halton Hills, serving as CFO for the Green Party of Ontario and now as the CFO for the Ryan Kahro provincial election this year. His experience provides financial leadership and guidance for the campaign.

Angela Bell


Cathy Hansen

Volunteer Mobilizer

I chose to serve the Green Party of Wellington-Halton Hills and the Ryan Kahro campaign through coordinating volunteers.  My  farming experience tells me that tending the “soil of community” is a way to bring diverse ideas and talents together for the benefit of all species, now and in the future.

“Bloom where you are planted.” (Mother Theresa)

Katie Pew

Event Logistics Coordinator and Canvassing Manager

I am a high energy ‘doer’.  As a mom of two, I am passionate about creating a sustainable future for ALL children and generations to come.  The climate crisis we are in needs ‘doers’, and we all need to act now.  Ryan IS this voice and she needs your vote.   “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.” -The Lorax

Skye Earley

Social Media Coordinator and Secretary

I am extremely passionate about conserving and restoring the environment to improve the world for humans and the organisms we share the planet with. I hope to do this through political action.

Peter Varty

Advisor and Lead Canvasser

 It is important to give citizens the confidence that Ryan and the Green Party of Ontario can and will collaborate to achieve a healthy affordable environment for the future for all Ontarians.

Mike McNamara

Campaign Team Facilitator

 Reducing our personal carbon footprint makes a difference. However, we need political willpower and innovation to save the planet. The Ontario government must have a plan and action to ensure we can live healthy lives.

Kristin Johnson

We need to urgently change the way we are living to provide a sustainable world for all. It is possible that we can work together to achieve this goal.”Life is not a dress rehearsal”

Shawn Meunier

Public Relations Manager

Obsessed with presenting effective methods to convey information and ideas. I am a passionate voice in our community, hoping to inspire change. I look to encourage all of us to be kind, think outside the box and go Green.

Mike Nagy

Advisor and Debate Strategist

I have been with the Greens since 2003 when I realised that the traditional old parties were just thinking of how they could just get a piece of the pie, not actually how to make it better. Having run in 3 elections, my commitment and love of Greens and our positive vision for a healthy future has only strengthened!  I am here to support Ryan as she shares that drive to make the planet better for all.